Please note: All comments on the pictures are from the dates specified above the set of pictures, and may or may not be representative of my current views (but mostly will not be). That said, onwards to...

Pictures of me:

August 2003:

May 2003:

December 2002:

This one is from inside the skating arena, while Alexei was skating. See what that boy does to me? Gahh.

This is in the bar, before we met Alexei. Decent picture of all of us, and fairly sober comportment. (morganlight, Emily, me, otaku-raj, Leslie.)

All of us with Alexei. Poor guy.

The post-Alexei stoned picture. I look pretty normal (well, except for the blinding paleness, but that's not new). I look freaky in normal clothes with that skin.

otaku-raj wanted to try on my pants (at my suggestion, since he was complaining about how no pants fit him properly). He promptly fell in love with my pants, and how well they fit him. And decided to grab my pantless ass while a picture was being taken. Obviously, I was taken a little off guard.

I never realise how thin my eyebrows are until I see pictures. Um, this is me watching Harry Potter. Something I once said I'd never do.

otaku-raj said this would be a nice pic to put on diaryland, so that's why it's here. No real story, other than it being a toned-down Miss Scarlet look. (If you don't get it, don't worry about it.)

This is actually a decent picture of me, which is a rare thing. That's why it's here. (And, yes, I cut out the skinny bitch in the background. Deal.)

Me. Only slightly tipsy, believe it or not. I think this is after I was trying to imitate Plushenko's style of skating. Gained a new respect for him after that. I have no idea how that boy stays upright while skating and flailing his arms about like that. Maybe it's because he's not tipsy when he's trying to do it.

August 2002:

Me. I don't know what the hell I was thinking with the facial expression, by the way. Positive reinforcement: I love my waist-to-hip ratio.

Me and Ass. I'm holding--sortof--a picture of Jun from Pierrot, he has a picture of Gackt.

I like Ass's caption for this. He said it was me trying to do something for myself, and failing miserably. Verra accurate. I didn't do a damn thing for myself the whole trip. (I'm a prima donna, what do you expect from me?)

Doggies like me.

'Tears.' ...It's a Yoshiki thing.

And the skeptic is caught reading Johnny comics. I actually really like this picture.

December 2001:

This is not my room. It is me though.

August 2001:

This is only here for comic value. Please ignore the banana.

This is called A Boy Called Miss Scarlet Before I Did While Playing Clue, And I Am Pissed. This was taken after I chased the boy around the room while thwacking and kicking at him for a while, for your information. (You don't call my character without me smacking you around, dammit.)

I remember my thoughts while this picture was being taken. They ran something like this: "25 calories...25 calories...25 calories..." Ah, summer...

I don't know why I like this picture. Probably because you can't see anything at all. (I didn't eat those, by the way.)

8:18 p.m.
March 20, 2002.
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